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        1. 熱線電話:0573-82097878

          Latest News

          • “Shenli wanxiang wheel co. LTD.

            Shenli wanxiang wheel co. LTD.

            The morning of October 29, reunion, joy is bought ceramic headquarters trader, factory direct, joint activity in Guangdong to start marketing Center, the General Assembly will be held, Liu Bohua group marketing General Manager General, mark...

          About Us

          Shenli wanxiang wheel co., LTD is committed to the development and sale of series caster. With many years of experience in hardware and plastic manufacturing, and constantly introducing advanced technology and successful experience, we have now produced various casters of various specifications. In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the caster industry, shenli people carry out the production concept of quality first and continuous innovation and innovation, and provide customers with…… 【for details

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